Good Coffee & Vibes

Our Mission

At Louie Coffee, we want to be the best coffee shop in Downtown Houston. Our definition of the best coffee shop is to provide great tasting beverages and food with a friendly and inviting atmosphere.



Downtown Houston is our neighborhood and it’s growing… fast! We hope to become a place where people can come by to enjoy something tasty and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the streets.


Coffee, for many people, is a daily ritual. It’s not just a cup of joe. It’s the act of taking a mental break, going someplace, and recharging momentarily to take on the rest of your morning or afternoon.



Coffee shops are a great place to prep for a meeting or interview, have a quick meeting, or digest all that information from the meeting you just finished. Coffee and wifi, we got it!


Our Story

Created in 2018, Louie Coffee was originally started in this location as a franchise called Caffe Bene. During those initial years, our team learned so much about coffee, food, and service. But, we realized that we wanted to focus more on providing

With a wide and varying menu, it became clear that more focus was needed.


Our Menu

Our menu at Louie Coffee is focused on providing the best quality and taste. We have placed an emphasis on working with local suppliers as much as possible while also making sure that the suppliers have the same emphasis on quality. We want our guests to know that they can get something that will taste good.


Our coffee is sourced with an emphasis on freshness and quality. We work with quality, local roasters.


Our teas are full leaf and organic.


We have breakfast tacos fresh everyday! Until they run out that is… Our food is locally sourced and quick to grab with an assortment of sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, and other little snacks.


Meet Louie

Hi! I’m Louie!

I was adopted by my mama and papa from Citizens for Animal Protection. Mama and Papa spoil me with snacks and hugs and kisses. I really love meeting people and running around outside ‘til my tongue hangs out sideways =P

I can’t wait to meet you and for you to come by to my coffee shop!

P.S. Please adopt, don’t shop :)